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Jul 21, 2016
Mount Holly, NJ
I'm looking at setting up a single battery system in my LX470 to power a few accessories. Right now, I have the following hooked up to an X2 Power 27F dual purpose battery:

- Warn M8K winch
- Underhood fuse panel for HID headlights, LED ditch lights and future air compressor
- Underdash fuse panel for CB radio, USB charging ports and future HAM or GMRS radio
- Rear fuse panel for USB charging ports, Dometic CFX50W and future inverter

I want to have the fridge run 24/7 and have the ability to charge a bunch of DC electronics (phones, tablets, headlamps, lanterns) and some AC battery chargers while at camp for up to three days. Despite lots of reading, I don't know enough about batteries and charging to get a good idea of what I need, but here's my thinking so far:

- Shore power: I'd like to hard-mount a Victron Blue Smart charger under the hood with a power outlet on the bumper. The rig is daily driven at the moment, but I plan to turn it into a dedicated overland rig in the next year. It'll be parked (maybe garaged, if I can make room) with the only constant draw being the fridge.

- Solar: I'm planning on hard mounting an 80w-100w panel somewhere (either hood or roof rack) for topping off when parked in the sun and supplementing with a portable panel to follow the sun when at camp. Looking at using a Victron Smart Solar controller, also hard-mounted under the hood.

- DC-to-DC charging: Not sure if this is necessary. My battery consistently reads 12.9V after charging via alternator only (via ScanGauge II). Charging voltage is in the high 13 to low 14V. I've read disparate info regarding the OEM alternator's ability to charge this particular battery. The point might be rendered moot if the solar is enough to fully charge the AGM while on the road to camp.

Those are my initial thoughts, but I welcome any input. Thanks.


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Feb 4, 2005
Seattle, USA
I think you will be hard pressed to accomplish all of this on just one battery. Installing a second "house" battery with high amp-hours (well over 100) would be a safer option for powering your frig and other accessories.

I have heard of folks using a Group 40 single battery in the 100 Series/LX470 to power a 12V frig. I have recently started running a 100 out in the back country with a fresh Group 27 battery, 100 watt solar panel, and 12 volt frig. Will have to report back in a few months how this combo worked out.

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