idea for a drawer system

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May 17, 2007
tuscaloosa, al
ok so i was thinking today that i really want a drawer system and a refrigerators... and then it hit me. so my idea is to make the from of the drawer system out of 1x1's. im still trying to decide what to make the inside from, im thinking sheets of plastic, maby pvc. on top of the plastic would be insulation, im thinking either expanding foam or styrofoam with the expanding foam filling the cracks. outside of that would be fiber glass, because its light, cheap, strong, and i need to work on my fiberglass skills. i would made its several layers thick for strength. i would finish it off with carpet or bedliner, leaning towards bedliner right now.

now for the design. i want it to be 2 drawers right there as you drop the tail gate and 1 compartment with a folding top at the back. the compartment at the back would hold the compressor and all that good stuff along with anything else i would need easy access to. the other drawer would just be a normal drawer. i might only insulate the side that will be refrigerated.

i have a little budweiser mini fridge that runs off a cigaret lighter that i would probably scavage for parts. dont know much about compressors or how a refrigerator works so if anyone could point me in the right direction on that it would be great. if this has been done before im sorry, couldnt find anything on it.

ive worked with fiberglass before and wood so i wont have a problem with that. never welded plastic before so any info on that would be great. also any info on a better insulation would be great.

im sure some of you will say just get the arb refrigerator but i would rather have it in a big drawer, and i also dont want a big bulky box sitting in the back of my car.

and last but not least... where can i get the damn rails? im sure it would be easy to find in the search but i figured i would tack it on to the end of this.

thanks and if its a dumb idea just tell me and ill keep the rest of my stupid ideas to by self.

criticize away
so ive changed the design a little, i think im going to add the option to open it from the top as well in case i cant open the tail gate for what ever reason.

i do have one other question. i would like to be able to remove it fairly easily, as easy as moving something that weights 100+ pounds. so my question is, does anyone just rely on weight and friction to secure the box? i kind of want the jerry can holders that attach to the seat mounts and i would like to have the option to keep them when the box is out of the truck so i dont want to use toughs bolt holes

and what kind of rating should a look for on the rails? i think the 100# would cut it or should i go with the 200?
100# slides would probably be fine, it would be a cost thing, you could easily make it slide in between the can holders. if you want to take in and out weight will be a huge factor

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