I need someone with a Hundy for a secret project...

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Jun 29, 2006
Carolina Beach NC
I've been asked to see if I can modify my 80 series Interior Tire Carrier to fit into a 100 series.

I don't know if I can so I was wondering if someone with one would mind letting me see if I can adapt/modify my mount to fit.

No big rush, prob an hour at most of measuring, staring, measuring, staring, holding pieces like I'm measuring and staring, etc.

Just a thought for the crowd...
mine will be in Raleigh till the 28th. You are more than welcome to look. I will just have to coordinate with my dad who is borrowing at the moment.
it should be sitting in the driveway for while, and there is nothing in the rear. PM me for and address. i am interested to know as well, as i am about to go to 35s and have no rear bumper with swing out.

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