I need help with these instructions: what Cruiser is this guy talking about?

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May 13, 2017
If this is the wrong forum or thread to post to, I apologize in advance.

I stumbled upon this guy's instructions on how to gather some of this guy's stuff.

I have a Daihatsu Rocky, and it's a slow build, as you might imagine. This is fine, because it helps me learn. I try to plan a couple of moves ahead, though, since some of this is very new to me.

This website I'll link to below suggests that I can use the front leaf springs from a 60-series Landcruiser and put them on the rear of my Rocky/Feroza.

So, since y'all are experts here with these rigs, does this seem legit? I have never seen this anywhere, including aussie sites I keep checking. Further...where's a good source to find these things? I have zero expertise on 60-series Cruisers.

Thanks in advance! The website:
Daihatsu Offroad
Well, leaf springs are leaf springs - soooo, yes?

I'd try the link to FB he suggested is where the point of contact seems to be.

Daihatsu Offroad
Yessir. Did that; hoping to hear a reply. I also posted this in the wrong spot: I got some additional replies in the 60-series thread, but I'd like to leave this here to see if I get any more information, if that's OK
^^^It's your dime.
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