I have a pork loin and homemade marinara sauce.........suggestions?

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Sep 20, 2005
Los Gatos, California
I made some awesome marinara sauce last night, so I have a bunch on hand. I also have a pork loin...........any creative ideas for combining the 2? Pork loin parmesan :confused:

Tonight is steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and peas :D
Please don't ruin pork by putting marinara on it....
last pork loin i did:
brined with 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup salt in ~1 quart water overnight.
sear for ~15 minutes on high, glaze with apple jelly and pop it in the oven skillet and all for ~15 minutes (meat thermometer is handy). tasty.
brine it using salt sugar ginger garlic lots of garlic and ginger. before cooking throw a bit of soy sauce on it and place in smoker or on the grill I like to brine over night lets the meat get more tender and stay juice on the grill
Pork goes with marinara like toothpaste goes with orange juice.

I could never come up with any good ideas, so I did what any normal dude would do. I made separate meals out of them.
I'm trying one tonight with a spicey brown mustard smear, salt and pepper, wrapped in bacon, slow cook..
Have no idea, but sounded like it might work.
Wish me luck.
And horsey mustard, it works, I will do this again.

Like tonight, these Costco pork loins are awsome..

This one seasoned with sea salt, pepper, tiny amount of poultry seasoning, and chili powder. Browned on the grill, slow cook in the oven for 2 hours.
Served with a brown rice dish: rice, chopped poblano chilis, corn and cilantro. Kids wanted some chili beans, from a can, and some fresh flour tortillas.
What temp are you slow cooking at?
I kinda eyeball it, start out at 350 then drop down to 225-250.

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