I fell in love while in Texas.......

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Dec 28, 2006
on vacation this week and I just had to bring her home with me.

2006 UZJ100

Classic Silver Metallic with Ash Interior
141k on the clock (she's still just a baby), not leak anywhere and no rust at all
Born, raised and meticulously dealer maintained all of its lief in North Palm Beach FL
No AHC, no rear entertainment and it has a pristine interior

Drove her over 1k miles home from Ft Worth and it ran like a dream. What a difference from the straight six in my 80 series.

This will be my daily driver replacing a 2007 Hyundai Tucson (soon to be for sale if anyone is interested, only 61k miles on that one and I just did the timing and drive belts).

Running boards go tomorrow and the roof rack delete is next on the list

Kudos to Eric M at CBT for hooking me up with validation of the factory build (as delivered) specs which helped me to close the deal.

I found a guy that travels the country buying and reselling high quality LC's and LX's and he had several in his shop (you can kind of see a gold one in some of my pictures below). I'd be happy to pass along his name and # to anyone interested.



glad to see you got it!. And an 06 with the higher hp at that :cool: Congrats Pete!
Nice find Pete, congrads!!!!
That's awesome Pete! Nice ride and major upgrade!
Pete, congratulations. It looks very familiar! We will gave to compare trucks.
Funny thing, when I saw this thread, I thought it was a thread about people from Texas or something similar, I had no idea it was about your new LC until @Saddletramp told me last night.
Nice buy Pete.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

No additional pictures just yet as she has been a garage queen this week as I drive the Tucson around town with 'for sale' signs posted on her in hopes to get rid of that car this weekend. I have a buyer looking at it this AM and two more in the wings. Once that one is gone, the LC becomes the DD. I did manage to complete the running boards delete operation (looks so much better), so if anyone is looking for silver running boards from an '06, you can have them for free.
I took mine off of the 07, still trying to decide if I like getting in and out. I love the look but the habit of using the running board is a hard habit to break.

@medtro and I are both considering putting the running boards back on for our daily driving and mall cruising pleasure.
Drove it up to Brices place today to pickup my trasharoo, it's a nice feeling to be able to pass someone on the highway :steer: Like I mean it...

And the 200's are probably refined even further yet,,,, I need to start saving my pennies. Told the missus that we have room for one more in the garage, she said no you don't.... I have some more work to do there.

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