Hzj75 noise

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Nov 28, 2012
Here's the thing was running 15w/40 in my landcruiser did oil change and had tick. Changed to 20w/60 got the clutch tick and rattle on start up. Went back to 15w/40 start up rattle gone now just have an intermitant tick . Me be thinking it's the piece of broken baker light off sump oil swi
ticking sound might be BEB problem
My HZJ75 had a tick for most of its life. I had a broken plastic bit on my oil pressure sensor after the mechanic checked the BEB and broke it and stuck it back in broken. But it never affected the tick. My tick would start to be audible as the engine oil warmed up and was loudest at 1800rpm as I was accelerating.It went away for a long time and came back again.
The rattle on start up might have been from trying to swing a crank around in 15-60 oil when it was cold.
At the moment my problem is engine rattles until oil pressure comes up . Never done this before
Thinking a shim bucket or two may be worn and vibrating on start up . Any ideas ?

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