HZJ73 Rear Backing Plate Help

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Apr 18, 2009
The past few months my Dad has been trying to figure out a solution for replacement rear backing plates for his 91 HZJ73.
The part numbers are discontinued by toyota with no upgraded number or cross over.

What we know right now is that FJ cruiser ones are opposite (right goes on the left and vice versa). They also require the one mounting hole to the axle to be reemed out. Next issue with them being bolted up is the E-brake cable issue. The FJ has a different E-brake setup that is not compatible with the 70 series. We don't want to reinvent the wheel here based off a set of backing plates if we don't have to. Backing plates from toyota locally were worth the effort in my dad's eyes for the actual cost of them.

We have came across online HDJ79 rear disc backing plates but we were told the bolt flange is slightly different with the newer 70 series rear axle. The same is apparently true with the 80 series rear disc backing plates. Its one thing to reem a hole out to get it to fit the axle flange but we don't want to be stuck with the same scenario on the E-brake situation. Its not as simple as ordering a set and returning them as they are very expensive and shipping situation complicates things with the inability to return for a refund.

Has anyone gone down this path with success? I'm curious to know if any of the aussie members here have done a rear disc conversion on say a 75 series ute or troopy.

Any info or advice would be appreciated.
Both my 1995 75 series had rear discs from the factory. Can those parts be sourced or are they discontinued like the HZJ73?
Ive heard the HZJ75 backing plate is hard to get used.
Spoke to a wrecker, they go for $220 each left and right with hardware attached but as "rare as rocking horse s***" in his words and he doesnt have any.

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