hydro cylinder end joint loose

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Jan 28, 2007
1993 land cruiser in rapid city South Dakota
I have a cylinder like this one.
the joints on the ends have gotten loose.
it is like this one.
Surplus Center - 1.5X6X1 DA HYD CYL SWIVEL EYES

any one have a good way to tighten these back up?
I thought I would try some heat and see if it will shrink down tight again.
or weld it solid.
or weld on a new joint.
any better idea's
I hate death wobble and this is one of the loose spots that I have found.
Doesn't look like it has the adjusters built in. Replace the ends, and get boots to protect them in the future. That style of end is usually loose to start with and there usually is no means to fix them. Often the ball is put into place and the material around it is pressed in to hold the ball captive. Check on yours to see if one side is removable. It would take a spanner wrench to open it. You could always find a cylinder where the ends are threaded and replaceable, but they cost more as there is more machining in them.

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