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Oct 18, 2018
Waikato New Zealand
so trying to hunt down a 12V motor, tried fixing old carbon bushes and it worked but was really loud, like crickets stuck in the vents
anyhow I pulled one from and EP82 1993 toyota starlet, fits exactly right, came out of a low K wreck so should be good for another 300,000ks
was only $19 bucks compared to $220 from a wrecker
Not sure of the availability of this car over seas but it looks like any 90s era blower motor with a steel flange will fit
Aug 20, 2020
Tampa FL
Ok so I did some digging on this subject as my blower motor is shot and I've been looking for a replacement for some time, I was just too chicken s*** to actually pull the trigger lol. First I Googled the part number on the bottom of my 12V blower motor... ND162500-3080. There are a couple options that come up but the most convenient is the cross reference of the '89 Mazda 323 blower motor. RockAuto has a couple options for the Mazda 323 and no matter if its a 1.6t or 1.6na. Unfortunately it's a generic photo so don't plan on using that as a true reference to our stock ones. But the extra bonus just came as DenDen's purchase above (VDO / CONTINENTAL PM3715) as it was also an option on the RockAuto page for the Mazda 323 blower motor and now I feel a ton better about snagging this part tonight online. For all those looking RockAuto shows Four Seasons 35493 and ACDelco 1580137 both under $42 bucks without the hamster wheels.

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