Hurricane Creek Drive

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Aug 5, 2009
Well yesterday the wife and I went up and drove hurricane creek, then to max patch, walked the dog up and enjoyed the views. Then down the mountain into Tenn. and back to Asheville and back home. 400 or so miles round trip, good day out.

While at Hurricane Creek we are out letting the dog play in the creek by the camping spot and we turn and see a new VW Jetta wagon coming down the trail!
Poor guy was from Georgia and said his GPS had told him to turn and head down the "road". He had already flatten one tire, ripped off all plastic under body panels, punched a hole into his washer fluid bottle, dented rockers and bumpers and that's just what he had noticed.

So I tell him we would follow him down the rest of the way to make sure he made it out.
By the time I was turned around and back through the creek he was GONE!
My wife asked after a few minutes and a few turn-off trails passed if I thought he might of made a wrong turn? We finally catch him right before the deepest creek crossing walking back to his car after checking the ledge. I was impressed that the VW made it down and didn't get stuck but I guess you can't get stuck if your keeping momentum up and driving like a rally driver lol.
So we follow him to the cabins and turn around and head back up.

Yeah I know Cool Story Bro but it was a good day up in the mountains.
Seen this over on NC4x4 earlier today. Drive it like you stole it.

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