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Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
Called this in for my son Sunday. 24# and 10 1/2 beard
Rock Climber

I saved a old, scared beagle during lunch today with a 950K Ladder truck.
Does that count?

Cats are a different story, our policy is to wait for them to come down. We tell the owners to place a bowl of food at the base of the tree and wait. Cats are fricken crazy when you approach them in a tree.

Nice bird BTW. Spur length
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New Image.JPG
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How the heck did the got get up there (or did it climb down until it got stuck?)?
I guess it walked the intermediate almost non existent ledge from right to left. It was impossible to go down. It's front paws were on a softball size protusion. The back in was on a slope.
I wonder were the rabbit went hmmm.:D

Big news in the local paper.

Firefighters Rescue Dog
Washington fire and police crews responded to a call about a dog stranded on a rock bluff along Highway 100 between High and Clay Street/Pottery Road shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday. The fire department used its ladder truck to rescue the dog.

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