How slow is a bog standard BJ70 really?

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Jun 11, 2012
South Arica
Hi guys.
Great site this,been looking around a bit but can't find specifics.

I recently bought a 87 BJ70 (from canada originally) and while its nice on obstacles its a little gutless on the road. I need to gear down to forth and even third at the mere sight of an slight uphill. The motor has about 100k kms since a major overhaul and the body has 350k kms on it. Tires are 245/75R15 and suspension is standard and very saggy.
Any info and input would be appreciated!
Easy, it's slooooooowwwwwwwwww:grinpimp:

I had a stock 85 CDN BJ-70 with the OME springs and shocks, did a few long trips with it. It would struggle on the big hills. But it was a fun little truck to drive. If you want a little pep, there are some decent bolt on turbo systems out there like the ATX, Turbo Glide, etc...

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yep thats sounds about right mate those engines are only rated at about 90hp :hillbilly:
Its just something you have to be mentally prepared for.
Some drivers cant bear the thought of someone overtaking them or losing a 10kph on incline.
The turbo would be a nice little addition,or even a 1HZ engine swap,you should have few of those over there.
You are seeing the glass "half empty" instead of "half full." Life is more enjoyable at a slower pace and being able to p*ss off all of the drivers who are stuck behind you is priceless.:D
As long as I'm driving my rusty cruiser the glass is always full:hillbilly:

It doesn't bother me to drive 100kph all day and losing 20kph on the hills,I was just wondering because I've only had it about a month and want this baby to run at its sweetest best.

Thanks for the replies guys.
It's all in where you drive really...

If you travel a lot of 80kmph highways and backroads a 3B n/a has enough power to get you there... big hills you can usually keep up speed, if it's really steep you may drop 10kmph... If you're keeping egt's in check!

If you need to get up to speed for 100kmph multi lane highways and fast moving muli lane in city road ways... A turbo is a good idea...

A bj70 cruiser changed the way I drove in a positive way, I now give people much more room and take my time. You'll notice very quickly those idiots in the 40000$ mustangs that pass you going a 100 plus you usually end up catching up to and sometimes even pass...

Driving isn't a race and a 3B N/A will sit at 90kmph all day long as long as you don't hit any really large grades!

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