How much would you pay for this?

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Jun 26, 2005
City that rhymes with fun
ok have a chance maybe to pick this up. its a 78 and runs and drives. not too bad shape at all.

what else do you know about it? from a first glance I'd say $2000-$3500ish.. details would be good. any gold bars behind the seat?
no real rust alot of surface but pretyy much what you see in the pics. im getting a freind to snap more pics for me today. the owner didnt seem to excited to start crawling around on the ground to snap them. fingers crossed on the gold bars!
Had a look at the floorpans? they usually rust through near the front body mount. I've seen (and own) vehicles with much more rust than that one, it looks alright.
yes body mounts are the first thing i look at when exploring new cruisers.
I talked to the seller today. He is an ass.

I offered to buy it from site unseen if he would accept a %10 non-refundable deposit and hold it till I got there the next day. Without hesitation he said no. That's fine, I can handle that, but he also told me that I am the 24th guy asking about the truck and that he has a guy coming from Sask to buy the truck for $3700. He said he thinks it will go for $4000; its no longer for sale its for auction. I told him he was being unethical to the guy from Sask by trying to upsell it without talking to him. He me told its business and if that's how I talk then I am a little boy and he hung up. Whats funny about that statement is that its clear he has no idea what he has (could probably have gotten alot more on Ebay if he was really business minded) and is only just realizing the laws of supply and demand. Moron head to toe this guy.

So if you are interested in it beware, this guy is a fawking ass, and of low ethical standard. Not that that has anything to do with the truck, just bring more cash than you agreed on on and be prepared to walk if he goes over your budget.
yep !!! HAPPEN TO ME! also ! (DIFFERENT TRUCK ) SELLER TOLD ME truck was mine AT $4500 Some cruiser heads from (mud ) (I know who ) offer him more more $$$$$ after my deal was done !!!! @#@#!!!
Carma Baby I hope so
I watched a 40 drop in price for months, finally bit and found out later a deal was pretty much already made with a fellow mudder. The cruiser was then trashed up and down for being a piece of s*** anyway. I felt bad but all I saw was it was still for sale. Weird because I paid less than other offers. Sorry alittle off topic but still remember the lashing my cruiser took after that.

I have just recently started to get the itch for a 45 so 2000 to 3000 would seem about right.
well im from sask but didnt offer him anything. and yes he is a loser! refused to even take a few more pics from me. said it was too hard to get pics of the mounts underneth. wanted my name and address before he would even really talk to me. like wtf!
just got an email from him saying several guys are coming to look at it and he is now only looking at offers.
So, Bretty, I presume you are the guy from sask that was supposed to be heading down to the e to buy the truck?

My thought is that life has a way of dealing with these guys. He will get whats coming to him. After all, he has spent his whole life working toward it.

Another thing I found funny is how he went on about how its business and that I have no idea about business and that I am talking out of may ass because I think he is unethical. that he has no idea who I am, what I do, or my net worth. How can anyone make those assessments over the phone?

Anyway, for $3000 I think the trucks a good buy. I dont plan on pursuing it. Who knows how he has screwed with it. Who knows what he means by it runs and drives. How can he tell it has 300000kms? In '78 they had only 5 digit odometers in miles. All the best to anyone who tries to deal with this fawktard.
I told him he was being unethical to the guy from Sask by trying to upsell it without talking to him.

If you REALLY wanted the truck, ask for his bottom dollar & have ca$h in hand & tell him you're on the way. Leave out any drama or personal opinions toward the seller till after it's loaded on the trailer & you have the title in your hands. Finding a 45 in this shape, I'd think, would bring $4k easy if the frame & bed are suface rust only, more $ on Ebay.
So how much cash would you bring for a truck thats allegedly already sold?
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well the auction goes tonight at 7 at this fawkers place. there is several guys coming so he says. i think you have to show him cash before you even get to see it by the sounds of it. lol
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