how does the sedimenter work?

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
so i'm driving today and my filter light came on! (i'm excited because I was wondering if it worked; guess so) it seemed like it'd come on at high RPM, whenever I really wound things up, and then turn off a bit after I settled down again. Is that how it usually behaves when its ready to be drained?

I had a full tank so I drained it via the little valve at the bottom; I didn't open the breather. I let it drain until nothing else came out. I dont have to bleed the system now, do i?

The stuff that came out... isn't water. It smells vaguely dieselly, but its thicker than diesel, and orange. Its about what I'd expect WVO/SVO or bio-something might look like. Does the sedmimenter trap VO if the PO was using it before I switched back to dino diesel?

pic of "drainage":
It traps anything that is heavier than diesel. If it goes away while you use dino fuel ,you will know it was the bio.
Shouldnt need bleeding
There is a float in the sedimenter with a magnet, like a donut sliding on a plastic shaft, once the float raise up i guess it changes the resistance and the filter light goes on. When i checked mine i checked the resistance while move the float up and down and it worked.

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