how do i get my 60 to pass inspection in Texas

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Feb 22, 2006
Grapevine, Texas
i live in the dallas area and they seem to be cracking down on inspections around here. i recently put a vortec 350 into my cruiser but we decided to run straight exhaust into dual chamber flow masters. needless to say, it didnt pass. so as i type this, it is getting a new exhaust system with two catalytic converters. do you guys think this will be enough to make it pass? if no, let me know what you think. by the way, its running pretty good thanks to a new projection throttle body kit.
you're probably going to need to have some O2 sensors put in if you haven't already, but you probably did when you put the vortec in.

I just have a vin K with carb and a EGR thats not even hooked up to anything. but they're not so picky in west Texas.

O2's and the cats and you will probably be okay, if they reject it again be sure to ask them what needs to be done, they will usually tell you.

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