Houston Tx. good mechanic?

Sep 4, 2005
Clear Lake Shores, Texas (Kemah)
Due to my work, I have no under the hood time and I want to get my new to me 85fj60 running perfect.

Does anyone out there know of a good mechanic in the Houston area that knows Landcruiser's?

I know I have a exhaust leak (needs to be fixed) and it could use a good tune up.

If I had the time, I would do all this stuff myself, but my work has me working 7days a week 12 hours a day.

I don't just want some random guy who says he knows Landcruiser's screwing with my ride. I want a person who knows the engine well and will do a good job. I'll pay for cruiser experience!!!!!

Thanks James


Jan 29, 2004
Call Javier Ibarra at Javier's Autos Unlimited at 9443 Clay Road at Blalock. Javier is very honest very good and a member of the Houston chapter of the TLCA.

He does a lot of work for MUD's own dieseldog so you can confirm with him.

You will not be dissapointed.

Call him at 713-461-5595

Tell him that David Dunbar recommended him. He was real good to me and I want him to know that I send Cruisers his way.

Good Luck,
Sep 1, 2005
Austin, TX
a couple years ago, i used a shop named Potous Auto. they specialize in foriegn cars. they are located in West University. specifically at Bissonnet & Kirby (a mile off 59, 59 inside the southwest part of the loop).

they are pretty quick. they explained every thing they did and definitely knew what they were talking about. they flushed my radiator and finished up a head rebuild for me (i got stabbed in the hand and could not lash the valves well enough, barely put the intake and exhaust back on, 5 stitches, no biggie, nice scar).

this should be a good second option. if its not too far out of the way i would go with the previously mentioned shop. get quotes, time frames for the work, ect.

good luck.
Sep 29, 2004
Houston, the lower bowel of TX
I would check with Javier first as he is a bit of Cruiserhead himself...into the off-road scene and he comes Dunbar recommended.
I have used Poutous Auto in the village for stuff I couldn't do or didn't have time to do myself...good shop, seem real honest & up front. Mr. Poutous is an old hot rodder & I've seen numerous 60/62's in there.

....or Dunbar and I and a few others in town occasionally get together and grease stain his driveway doing various projects on our rigs. You are welcome to join, but you will have to enjoy premium beers in the process. :beer: :D
Aug 19, 2003
I hope that you guys will post this on the sticky thread on Cruiser mechanics...


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