For Sale Houston Tx 200 Series Big Country 4x4 Roof Rack Complete

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Feb 14, 2007
Houston Tx
United States
Have a complete roof rack system for a 200 series made by Big Country 4x4 out of South Africa. Fully welded one piece.
The rack has never been mounted but only used for a fitment project. It does have one spot of wear on the rack from shipping which is only cosmetic. Includes all mounting hardware as well. Pm if interested. Not really interested in shipping as it so large. Comes complete with roof channels, 8 feet and 8 mounting brackets...



Roof channels are pre-shaped to accommodate the 200's roof curve. This is how Big Country does it.


Is this 200 series specific? Looking to mount to an 80.
NM....I shoulda read the next post.
My underatanding is that this will fit with the correct mounting feet. If you go to Big Country 4x4 website...look at the size difference. There is not much of a difference.
looks like it needs the roof channels. The 80 has a pretty flat roof. It doesn't look like it's wide enough to mount to the drip rails.
This rack for the 200 is 2 inches narrower and 8 inches longer than the 80. Thats an inch on each side and 4 inches front to back. You would need to find gutter clamps to fit.
Available? I’m local if it’s still available.

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