Honda Civic Hybrid 2005

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United States
Rather than give this car to a dealer I convinced my mother to sell it for the trade in price. Check the blue book this is sure to be a super deal.

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid
16k miles
Grey w/ Grey intrerior
No accidents
One small area of rub marks on the bumper. Will probably buff off.
One ¼” nick in the dash material
Otherwise this car is like new

Grandma is going to trade it in for a more luxurious Toyota Sienna next Tuesday so get this while it is hot. Super cheap price for a solid 41 mpg Honda in near new condition. I will try to get to her house to take pictures tomorrow.

Yup, my bad. $16,500 is what the dealer will giver her in trade. That is the price. She is going to pick up her new car on Tuesday so that is the deadline.

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