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Sep 17, 2013
hi guys I got a hj75 cruiser ute it has been sitting for a while driving it home it ran pretty well then all of a sudden clouds of grey smoke at idle there is no smoke problem then give it a rev then clouds of smoke again. I did valve guide seals cause they weren't much good had injectors tested they were fine ive cleaned fuel and filters and still no idea.... help please
How many klms on it? Most of these have 400000+ these days
Just have a look at the dirphram on the back of the pump.

On top At the back of the injector pump you have a black rubber hose, pull it off the pump, put a nother hose on it long enough to suck on. If it wont hold a vacume that is your problem. The dirphram has a hole in it making it run very rich.

If it holds vacume then look at the spring in the fuel ajusting screw.
Remove the arm from the edit motor to the pump. On the pump push the stopper arm towards the rear of the motor it shoud have about 5mm of spring load.

Try these and se what you find.

I tried both it's holding vacuum and the spring seems to be fine
Ok its holding vacume thats good.
Try backing the fuel off
The screw in the picky, cut the lock wire if it has one
undo the lock nut while holding the screw
in leans the fuel
turn it in about 3/4 of a turn in and try it
You will lose a bit of power
I take them for a short drive then hold it about 1200 then a quick hard rev and look at the exhaust no smoke wind it out you may have to play a bit
If you loose all power and stil lots of smoke not sure.
If that dont work, do as Krooza said do a comp test.
Ok yeah I adjusted the screw it did nothing I'm guessing it must be just worn rings just thought its weird it happened all of a sudden

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