Hj61 AC bezel light has no power (solved)

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So when checking across the contacts I get voltage anywhere from 7 to 9v… same when testing against body ground. When I check the cigarette lighter (labeled 24v) I get steady 27v… resistor issue?
Check your dimmer, it might not be all the way up. ( lower voltage at the bulb )
i am updating my 10/88 FJ62 this evening with BLUE LED both the panel and the A/C push switch too
I would love a pointer on how to put the new AC push bulb in. I got mine out but gave up trying to get the new LED in. This was just trying with the AC controls still in truck, just dash panels removed. Was finding it very hard to reach and twist the LED without it just falling out. Also not 100% if the LED bulb base fits or I need to swap the element onto the original grey plastic base.
Just did both HVAC bulbs Saturday night ,

- I found myself going beyond simply updated LED bulbs them selves

- I feel after complete , I got as many new and exciting LED Lumen value from my ever growing exploration with NU-FINISH product I show below , it’s simply my latest new living and breathing UNICORN 🦄 parts / supplies problem solver and truly a miracle product in my mind …

- it’s uses seam endless , I’m going to buy to online stock shares tomorrow morning for sure

First are before pics and old incandescent bulbs :

And yes you have to take things apart to this level to do both bulbs …

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Post NU-FINISH polish out and hand buff out too

A truly NOS like result

Wanted to close the loop on this. @sved, thanks so much for the insight, found a used resistor to swap out and now I have HVAC lights. Its working with my 12v bulb. The part was not available through Amayama.

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so ............

your main HVAC switch panel bulb where the boat prop fan blade logo icon is located is confirmed 12v ?

if so , i have something for you to consider that will blow your mind , i am working on my store listing as we speak ,

- i spent some solid time understanding fully then sourcing a correct Color Temperature 6 diodes led bulb , in that AQUA MARINE tone we both have going on

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