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Oct 31, 2014
Charlotte, NC
Just wanted to share the area we went on family vacation this year, up near Cashiers and Saphire, close to Gorges State Park. This was pretty much our area of operations. I had marked the map with places to see, hike, etc. First the town, Highlands is a Bugie place, my daughter taught me a new word. If you didnt know better, the town was sponsored by Lexus and Range Rover, with a few Bentleys and Ferraris to fill the fun. Restaurants can be out there expensive, but we found enough "mountain" expensive and with very good food. Lots of shopping downtown, we didn't see overpriced crap, mostly within normal range of Amazon (yes, I checked in the store!).
It is a very nice town to park and walk around, go into shops, eat, coffee, etc. We did drive on NC64 quite a bit to go places on hikes, or explore. We did encounter the most dangerous animal in the area, totally fearless and could take your life in a second; middle age women racing on Lexus RX's on the mountain roads. They would challenge Lewis Hamilton in the rain, pretty amazingly stupid.

There is a high end market in Higlands where water is milked from organically grown clouds and served in Tiffani glasses. But there was an Ingles Market down the road in Cashiers. We had to try the first one at least once. Thats some good tasting water. We explored the forest roads around town, nothing special from a driving perspective, but great walking the dogs on these lanes. There are nice campsites on the South entrance to Glenn Falls, all dirt road driving.
Photo Jul 04, 7 05 19 PM.png

The house was pretty comfortable, AC didnt work first day but got fixed the next.
Photo Jun 24, 6 02 23 PM.jpg

Back porch, South views into GA mountains
Photo Jun 25, 7 25 57 AM.jpg

Alarm system distributed in the house for black bear intrusions (owner was very worried about it)
Photo Jun 24, 6 04 21 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 24, 6 02 23 PM.jpg
Cullasaja River heading north on 64 from Highlands is a cool river, with places to pull over and climb through, swimming holes, small waterfalls to get into.
Photo Jun 25, 4 28 24 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 25, 4 38 47 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 25, 4 26 04 PM.jpg

There are also the big touristy waterfalls like Dry Falls. You can actually walk behind them.
Photo Jun 25, 5 19 03 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 27, 4 59 12 PM.jpg
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Gorges State Park has a few great trails, and one goes to Turtle Back Falls. The park visitor center is worth stopping into. Climb up on the rope by the falls, go down on the "slide". Trail is about 1.75 miles

Our last full day was at Glenville Lake. Rented a pontoon with a 70hp, and a pull behind toy. Spent the day on the water cruising, brought cooler, pulling the kids, and swimming. Then the kids challenge me that it was a lot harder than it looked. I took the bait but they could not knock the old man off the tube.

Photo Jun 30, 1 00 42 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 30, 3 12 48 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 30, 4 02 41 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 30, 4 03 38 PM.jpg

Every morning we could walk 4 miles on forest roads with the doggies, explore unmarked waterfalls that were great for the dogs to stop and drink.

Photo Jun 28, 9 08 48 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 27, 9 58 59 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 30, 7 48 26 AM.jpg
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we rode through there a few weeks ago....highlands looked impressive and not bohemian like some other mountain towns
Killing me man. I lived in that area for several years. I was up there selling overpriced dirt to those same deadly predators in the Lexus Rx's. In fact I bought my first LX450 up there for the very reason of getting clients to inaccessible lots to wow them. That is where the Cruiser bug bit me bad. There are some amazing places to wheel up there if you can find them. Also just ridiculously good hiking and waterfalls. I love that area so much and get up there as much as I can. Thanks for the memory jog Izzy and Sue.
I live in Black Mountain and used to have alot of clients out there when I worked for Valspar used to travel and golf with clients all of the time. Alot of retirees and Florida homeowners out that way.
Great post, I am planning a week trip there at the end of the month, primitive camping and lots of waterfalls!

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