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Jul 9, 2017
Sumter, SC
Ashley and I are in the market for her new Mom-mobile, looking all over North and South Carolina for what we want. Anyone have advice/connections for a Toyota dealer... Charlotte would be great being closer. We have seen a couple good ones in Rock Hill, Concord and Huntersvill. Thanks all!
What are you guys looking for in a highlander? Year miles and all that, nothing wrong with a mom mobile they are awesome little suvs
2016/15 White, beige leather interior, second row captain seats, AWD <30k
I’d go with a 3rd gen 4Runner Highlander edition, but I have a bit if a fetish.
Not of real help here but have a white/beige sub 20k mile cream puff of a 2014 rx350 if it were of interest. Lacks the awd and second row captains seats though. Otherwise will keep a casual eye out.
Yea - don't avoid the RX - they are sometimes cheaper and nicer.

If you get the AWD, be sure to drive it and make sure you enjoy it. We had a 2008 and the AWD felt weird - it kicked in at weird times. Later we read on forums where the system that controlled it was not great for that year.

We LOVED our experience at Mid State Toyota in Asheboro - too far though :)
Found what we wanted yesterday, very happy with Hendrick Toyota in Concord!
Looks great!!
Congratulations on the find. Get the tow package for the camper. Now that you have used the camper once........

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