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Nov 12, 2020
Hi all

My BJ73 has had and LED headlight conversion done by the previous owner that ive only just managed to get to work properly (haha)....
However there is an issue where the high beam indicator in the dash wont illuminate when the high beams are activated and there is only 7V being sent to the globe, obviously not enough to operate it and I'm guessing this is a result of the LED conversion. However the strange part is that whenever the globe is installed, irrespective of it not illuminating, the high beams will not function at all, as soon as its removed all goes back to normal and functions correctly. Any suggestions on how to get it working without screwing over the functionality all together?

It has a JTX LED wiring kit to sort out the reverse polarity/earth switching issue so is only plugged into one side of the original headlight wiring while the other is left blank. The wiring kit then plugs directly to the two LED headlights.

There are heaps of in line resistors available that people have suggested may help, however how would that interact with the JTX wiring loom? and does it have any effect on it by not having one side of the original wiring connected? Would one or two in line resistors be required seeing as its only got the wiring loom connected to one side? Is this even the correct path to be exploring? Suggestions?

I really don't want to simply ignore it if it can be avoided at all...

Thanks heaps

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