Hey Tony!

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Feb 13, 2002
Davis, CA
Tony- I don't know if you remember me, but I met you back at the PMC swap meet. My registration in TLCA just ended, and I was just reading the last TT that I received. I don't know which issue it is, but it has a lengthy article that you wrote about membership...

Well, all I can say is: sign me up for another year. Once I get my transfer case back together, I hope to start hanging out with the cruiser guys a bit more, and make some trips. If nothing else, then I will be helping out a good resource and organization.

I sent an email to the membership@tlca, and did not receive a response- I can't find my tlca number, and I want to use the online renewal page. I figured I'd post it here, because I have seen that you frequently post in this section. I don't know if you have access to all of that, but if you could PM me my number, or email it, whatever, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks- and hope to see you on the trail eventually.
Brandon Zipp
Hey Brandon... and I certainly remember you from the swap meet... and you were the person who rightfully asked for an explanation on where (or why) the $70 Rubithon registration fee goes. I gave my best guess via POR but that analysis was weak and I plan to amend that now that the event is complete and explain to everyone where that money goes... especially now that I know where it all went. ;)

I appreciate your post here and the fact that you are going to renew. Having your number is Not specifically required but does help. I'll contact Jacki Miller at membership@tlca.org and have her follow up with you directly. I am sorta surprised you did not hear back from her because she is very good at following up and very energetic towards our members.

I will note to you that our web site is not secure. I am comfortable in referring you to use it but also note that if you are not comfortable with it, then please use the printable form or call Jacki directly at 605-388-TLCA (8522).

and finally Brandon, reading your note here and having you renew means a lot to me personally because I know that money is tight for you and you simply don't throw it around. Having you renew your membership and continue to support TLCA lets me know we are on the right track and doing the right thing. Thanks Brandon, very appreciative!

and I look forward to wheeling with you soon or seeing you next year at our swap meet. 8)
also, here is the info you requested Brandon...

Brandon Zipp 11976 expired Jul 03

you can renew on line or via the phone, you should also be receiving Sept/Oct while your 'check is in the mail'.

thanks for renewing!

I've been quite busy the past month or so, taking 7 units of Stats and Biochemistry in a short 6 weeks of summer school... I am just coming up for air right now, and came back home to my parents house for the weekend. First off, I received the Sept/Oct Trails edition- very cool! And when I looked a little closer, and started reading the articles, I saw my name listed in the PMC swap meet write up! Even cooler! So I checked back in with ih8mud, and saw your response with my number (I had already made a note of the number on the Trails wrapper), and I just submitted my renewal online. Jeez. I guess this will be my third year- which means that I've had my pig for a little over two years now. It's funny how time flies when you're wrenching on a fixer-upper!

Time and money are tight right now, but I still would really like to support TLCA in whatever way I can. If there's ever anything that I can do, feel free to get a hold of me. As far as things I could do: maybe webpage stuff, photography (one of my other hobbies), maybe a write-up on my cruiser experience up til now... Anyways- just throwing that out there.

Thanks again, Mr President!
Brandon Zipp.

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