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May 7, 2007
Brisbane Australia
Hey there. i have reciently been doing a project in Australia that i believe not many people are familular with... 40 series shortwheel base ute cab conversion... its a very interesting project and has taken some time now but im down to the last part where i recondition the motor and stick the motor and box in.. im wacking in a 13b diesel with a home made turbo intercooled setup. just on a h55f 5 speed with P.T.O winch and factory powersteering as the only upgrades.. hopefully some time in the future i will get some lockers for the steam pipe rolecage air tank on the back... anyways throw me your feedback if anyone has any comments??? cheers Jimmy.
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cool rig jimmy........I'm going to do the ute cab too, but use the SWB cab and just use a ute roof and rear window etc.......this way I can still go topless and not look silly (well the cruiser won't) cheers:flipoff2:
i thought i would do that earlier.. but i just couldnt find a SWB cab with no rust... its almost as if they dont exist???
anyways whats done is done.. just cant wait to get the beast on the road!! cheers
Yea mine has a little bit of skin cancer but what the hey got it for $1600 (worth a bit more now) and it only cost me a set of lens covers for roadworthy!
Nice. Post up pics of the build if you have em.

Where'd you fit the intercooler?

I'll be doing a GM 6.2 w/turbo into a '40 this winter. I'd prefer to use an intercooler but there won't be room in front of the rad.

comp ute

hey everyone.. will post up some new pics soon... unfortunately i only purchased the digital camera about 2 months ago so i dont really have any previous photos....although i do have a photo of the car b4 it was converted and i will post it up when i get home from uni!

issues concerning the intercooler, i have made it a top mount intercooler (the intercooler is a stock intercooler i was given out of a skyline gtr as my mate had upgraded the intercooler and it was no longer needed) (its small enough to just be fitted inbetween the turbo and manifold pipe and made some mounts to bolt it down) as i figured that would be the most reasonable spot to put it rather than infront of the grill. this is becaue i have got a a/c radiator and turbo oil cooler in front....... any other questions.. fire away.

cheers fellas
Where in Australia are you? I'll be there next spring (fall for you) going to University of Sydney for a semester....if you're in the area maybe you can help me get my wheelin fix while I'm away from my rig for so long....
hey there everyone, here are some photos of the car as of recient.. i havent been able to get around how to use this site yet so im sorry i havent posted up too much as of yet. as far as the car goes, the 13b diesel and 5 speed bolted straight in no dramas, everything is plumbed up except for the turbo. i am still waiting on specific parts so im just running it natural for the moment, although it still has pleanty of grunt. cheers

i actually just realised that the photos didnt attach. its not letting me attach more than 3 photos and i cannot delete the previous ones that i posted??
anyone able to help?
Buying a star is the way to go. It's only $20 or something and it lets you post up all the pics you want! As well as supporting the site.....goodtimes. I think just hit the FAQ tab up there and follow the clues...:D

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