Help with PIAA Fog Lights

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May 1, 2011
Hi all, i got 2 used PIAA fog lights (great deal :bounce:) but i have no idea whats thier model :confused:? i need to get the right intallation instructions.
any help? :clap:

Hello Karim,

I have mounted lots of lights, but am not familier with PIAA. They appear to have a three-wire system, when all of the lights I've installed are two-wire. Is it possible that your lights have two bulbs inside?

In any case, you will need to purchase or make a wiring harness, which will include a switch for inside the cruiser, and a relay.

Are you able to make your own wiring harness?

Are you able to take the light apart to determine what the three wires are for? One is hot of course (+) and one is ground (-).

One option is to send an email to PIAA customer service. I am sure they can provide some info to help you identify the model number. Also, they can email you the installation instructions.

Hope this helps!
Hi lovetoski,
I already took them apart and cleaned them to be ready for installation. i found one Bulb (Halogen H4 50W or 55W) and there was no wiring for a 2nd bulb. any other ideas for the 3rd wire?

If it will has something to do eith elec harness then I guess its time to go to a professional :doh:, although its hard to find some1 good here :bang:.
I'll aslo contact PIAA customer service for sure

Thanks again
i think teh H4 is dual beam, so would this make sense of having 3rd wire?
PIAA i guess mine looks like these.
but again, i have only one bulb while the 525 have 2

its better to contact the customer service :)
H4 bulbs use three wires. One is ground, one is hot for high beam, and one is hot for low beam. Now that I take a second look at the pictures, the three-prong plug is clearly shown, and that's used for a high/low lamp. The wiring harness is a little more complicated, since it will have a three-position switch (off, low, high). The easiest solution is to get the correct PIAA wiring harness. However, with the right connectors you could make your own harness also.

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