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Sep 28, 2019
Trying to source some OEM Toyota CV's to replace the aftermarket junk a previous owner had installed. But I am having trouble figuring out what CV's are OEM and perhaps even if there are differences in 2nd GEN Tacoma years or sides.

I was under the impression that Tacomas from 2005 to 2015 all used the same CV's. I also thought they where the same length on both the driver side and passenger side and were interchangeable.

But... I bought a 2006 OEM CV (stated as passenger side) and a 2007 OEM CV (stated as drivers side) from Ebay and they are different.

The rusted CV is from the 2007 (DS) and the black CV is from the 2006 (PS).

Can anyone verify if they are both OEM CV's? And why the inner joint length would be different? The listed dimensions are approximate and not exact... but there is an obvious size difference with the inner joint. Everything else looks the same.

By the way... the 2006 CV matches the dimensions of both the CV's I pulled from my 2006... so I am thinking the rusted 2007 CV is the odd duck.


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