Help restoring HID Fog light system

Aug 3, 2018
Los Angeles
What Up Mudders!

My cruiser had the PO go crazy with the electrical system and wired everything in which ever which way it went in there. Since then brought her back to 100% stock. Here is a pick of what she looked like originally

and here is the pile of stuff that I kept from the stripping

My goal here is to get the electrical going on the truck again but this time do it correctly and organized. I do plan on getting a second battery but that's down the line, right now I want to make sure I have everything. I would need to connect this to my current battery. I have no idea what Im looking at really so I cleaned everything up and took some detailed images of all the components. I will be mocking up the setup here on my workbench before getting anywhere near the truck. I am comfortable soldering, testing polarity and voltages so this should be a fun project.

I need your help IDing the items I have and what else I would need to complete this project. I will be getting a battery and charger to use while here on my work bench.

A. Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Block?

B. Cooper Bussmann CB185-120 Circuit Breaker?

C. Relay???

D. Some kind of HID ballast I assume :rofl:

E. What kind of connectors are these

F. And these
Aug 22, 2010
Jersey, 07740
A and B- you should be able to do a google search on the p/n for both of those but looks like your guess is correct.

C- either a relay or solenoid, my guess is solenoid to me it looks like one from a plow set up

D- that would be correct on the lighting ballast

E and F- various connectors for the HID set up. E will plug into your headlight connector on the harness and F wil plug into the HID bulb
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