Help Needed for Audio Wire Replacement

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Jun 5, 2021
Hendersonville, NC
So in a previous thread from about 18 months ago, I was dealing with a voltage meter that went bad. One of the issues that was leading to this according to my mechanic was a short in the Audio power wire. He never plugged the after market radio back in. Over Christmas, I got some new speakers to my '89 FJ62 and wanted to hook the stereo back up.

I took apart my dash and took out the radio. I found the power cable and reconnected the stereo head and then cranked the engine. Upon doing so, I started smelling burning rubber / burning plastic. Cur the engine, checked my wires under the hood. Then I took out the stereo head to see it smoking (yes... it was hot).

So, I believe I will need to replace the audio power cable so that this does not happen again. Now, I just need to know how to do that. And here I am at the feet of the group.
Check to be sure that the polarity of the power source wire to the head unit is correct.
(+ wire connects to + on head unit)
If polarity is fine then there was something wrong with the head unit.

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