Help identify this Aisan carb

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Glutton for Punishment
Sep 6, 2012
Seattle, WA
Hi Folks,
A while back I bought this carb from a fellow mudder.

He said it's from an FJ60 and that it has been recently rebuilt. When I compared it though with my old carb, on an 1987 FJ60 (with smog gear), there were some differences and I wanted to check here to make sure I'm dealing with the right carb before installing it. My old carb is model 21100-61142 per the Aisan decal on one of the diaphragms. The new carb has no model number/decal.

The biggest difference is that it has only three port on the back:
New carb has:
Compare to this diagram:
New carb appears to be missing the HAC slow port.

Do you guys think I can use this on my 1987 60? If not, can anyone tell me what I have so that I can pass it on to someone else that can use it?
and its got two extra ports by the choke breaker. has a really nice table of US carburetor pictures over the years. I tried to look through them all and didn't find one with those extra ports by the choke breaker. Maybe this is a non-US carb? SOR has some pics of non-US carb but they don't show that side.
My cruiser curiosity is piqued. I'm hoping an Aussie member chimes in--could it be one of the smogged Aussie configurations? Has anyone looked at the 2F engine manual to see how it compares to those? (I don't have mine in front of me).

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