HELP!!! 3fe(non auto) to h55f in a fj40!!!

Discussion in 'HardCore Corner' started by okie, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. okie


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    Dec 9, 2004
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    Ok i figure this si pretty much a cry for help.

    i live out here in the bay area in california and am just getting my truck's frame off done. It has been moved from shop to shop because of poor quality work and an untruthful bid prices, some shops just rack up th ebill even though you do as much as you can to help make it a smooth process.

    I have it now at this auto body shop getting ready for paint.

    what is complete is a rolling chasis without the drivetrain.

    I want to install a 3fe mated to a h55f with a 1986 split t-case onto my fj40. i have a June of 1970 fj40 and am having an average mechanic that works for the body shop install all of this. The thing is , is that i have no idea what to tell this guy in relation to what modifications he is going to be doing to make this work. he is not used to landcruisers, but he right now is my onlu option

    right now i need to know what to tell him.

    these are my questions:

    will a 3fe ( non automatic) bolt up to the stock 1970 fj40 frame without modifications?

    will the h55f 5 speed bolt up to the same 3fe with no modifications?

    and ofcourse i know the transfercase will bolt up just fine to the h55f

    Second of all if the 3fe will bolt up to the stock 40 frame what little modifications will i have to do to the body before it gets painted to fit around the 3fe?

    sorry for all the questions but i need specific numnbers to give to my mechanic. they are on a time scedule and i don't want to keep him waiting any longer. th epaint shop has to get to the tub ASAP.

    any hep would be greatly appreicated.Please, no opinions on if i should or shouldn't do this conversion just specifics on what i will need to make it work.

    thanks everyone, i know i have asked in the right place.
  2. Bret


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    Oct 31, 2003
    I can't help on the engine mounts, but the tranny mount will likely need to be fabbed up. My H55 had mounting provisions under the tranny, so I ended up with a transmission support from a 60 (I think). If you want a couple of pics shoot me a PM. You may have to scoot the radiator forward a little (very easy).
  3. bustanutley


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    Apr 10, 2004
    pretty sure the 3fe to h55 isn't just a bolt up, but I could be wrong, if this is the case, I would do a 2fe, seems like a fairly simple swap to put the 3fe head on a 2f short block...

    more power more torque...
  4. GulfShoresFJ60


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    Feb 12, 2005
    Actually the more I thought about I realized you need to have a FJ60 bellhousing to bolt the 3FE to the H55F. Best bet would be to have a late model FJ60 to steal parts from for the swap.

    HERE is a write-up with a 3FE and a 62 t-case. The t-case is basically the same except you will need the 86 t-case shifter and linkages and you will need the bolts that bolt the t-case to the tranny.

    You might also read THIS thread in the 40 section - it is basically what you want to do.
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