Help 1983 Toyota Truck 22r 5spd need load sensing proportiong valve and thoughts

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May 26, 2009
Originally Posted by 3dogslater
Hi I am new to the site and need asistance. I have a very clean 1983 22r toyota 4wd with 150,000 original miles on it. The truck orignated from Calif. I live in WA state. The original owner said the tranny took a dump in the very beginning so the factory waranty gave them a 5 spd.( It is not a SR5 package but looks the part) I have owned the truck since 1989 and had the tranny rebuilt once.:doh:
My issue lately is every so often when I go to release the clutch there is a grinding slipping souns (the best i can describe it) I took it to a shop they said the clutch is fine (I am not so sure I believe them) Also they told me my load sensing proportioning valve is leaking (it is) and there are only 2 left in the country the part costs 219.00 I said really 2 left in the country and they are not making the part question is how do others fix this and is it needed? Do you know of a good on line part store for this part?
Any help is appreciated-Thanks:wrench:
or search this site for cruizer dan. he might be able to hook you up for the valve

after all the miles replace the clutch with the kit and get it all done. just do it.
ditch the lspv its garbage......ive done it to 3 toyotas so far

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