For Sale Heavy Duty front winch bumper

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Sep 25, 2012
United States
Selling my front bumper i modified to fit. Super heavy duty, powder coating is in good shape, minus the spots that i modified the bumper to fit (has bare ends from cutting, its not chipping) Selling it so i can begin to finish my resto (buy a new welder).

Not sure where to price this out, so im going to start off with $1,100 shipped with in conus (guessing shipping is going to be around 100-200 bucks on a pallet)

If your need a more specific picture or measurements let me know, its currently on my pig still so i can get whatever you need.

You do need to redrill your frame ends to fit this bumper, took me about 10 mins to do. the mounting holes are about 1/2 inch different from the factory.
price drop to $900 shipped conus

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