Heater hot then cold

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Nov 11, 2003
Mountaintop, Pa
Well, here's the story. I did search first still looking for help. My 88 normally runs at the 1/4 temp mark. Lately not all the time, I only get cold air from the heat.

So, If I let it sit and come up to temp 1/4 mark no heat. After I drive a little the temp hit's half mark. And boom I have heat and temp drops back to 1/4 mark. Nice and toasty. sometimes if I sit and Idle or city drive. I might loose heat but it comes back. when the mark hits 1/2 temp.

Well your thought??

Junk in the thermostat? I didn't check the fluid yet I'll look at noon. Is there a sensor that opens a valve that might be acting up? The plumbing looks simple but maybe I'm missing something. Just weird occasional problem.


i'd check thermostat first and go from there
Well, thanks but I found the problem. The big dumb dumb that drives the thing should have checked the coolant fluid before posting the question.

Coolant was a little low. filled er up and the issue is gone.


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