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Mar 15, 2005
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heater heats, temp gauge higher???

The good news is: I have heat. I finally followed the advice of a thread written several months agone and swapped out the upper thermostat gasket. I put a new Toyota t-stat in as well as replaced the gasket goop with a toyota paper gasket. I installed the heater control valve severel weeks ago. There is now unequivocal heat in the truck.

The only remaining uncertainty is the engine tempurature gauge. The owners manual shows the normal needle zone slightly below half-way. My needle is now running slightly above half-way. Before I installed the new t-stat it was well below half-way. Should I be concerned about this? I'm afraid I may have overheating problems when the warm weather returns. Is there something which can be adjusted?

One factor may be a cheap aftermarket fan clutch.

Any thoughts, anyone?

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