Heads unlimited any good?

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Jan 13, 2009
Vancouver BC
The head on my 1995 Cruiser is pretty much ready to come out. Put two full days in on the weekend and the head should be out mid week or by the end of the week depending on how busy it is at work.

I was told that Heads Unlimited does good work and I was thing of taking it there to get it check for warpage and to get the valves done.

I am not sure if they have done a 1fz-fe before. Anyone with an 80 series have their head machined there? Does it matter if they haven't? ( I haven't called yet since the head isn't quite out yet.) Anyone have their 80 series machined somewhere else?

This is my first headgasket job and I'm not sure how they want the head.
I am thinking that they want the cams back in since they need that to do the valve job. Do I remove the exhaust and intake manifold studs?

Last question is when I phone them, do I just ask them to do a check for flatness and machine if necessary and a valve job? Or is that too general and I need to ask for something specific? Is there anything else I should be getting done?

I still a newb at this but I have learned alot taking everthing apart to get at the headgasket.

They've done quite a few heads for me, diesels and otherwise. I've never had an issue. They'll tell you what needs to be done after they look it over- probably a valve grind and guides.
thanks for the reply!

I just got my head back from them. They did A good job.

The shop isn't located in a good neighbourhood though :rolleyes:
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