Head Lights Not Working

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Jan 28, 2020
Washington, DC
I have a 2001 LC and the head lights do not work now (high beam and low beam).

All the other lights do work and I've checked all the blade-type fuses in the engine compartment fuse box. There are four of them for Left and Right high and low beams, they are all fine but I will replace them with new fuses anyway so I can totally rule them out. Next up will be checking the relays for the headlights.

Interestingly, not even the blue indicator dash light for the high beams will illuminate if I pull back or push forward the stalk. That seems very weird to me.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
do you hear any relay clicks when you operate flash to pass?
the highbeam indicator on the combo meter works off the low beam fuse. Don't remember left or right, but one of them, thinking left hand.
maybe someone can post the two headlight pages from the wiring book for you. if you don't have or are trying to not spend money.
Thanks, I'll replace the fuses today to rule that out.
If your parking lights work, then you could rule out the stalk for time being. If the parking lights don't work, I'd start at the stalk and work your way to the relays with a multimeter and wiring diagram.
I guess it must be the left light, I changed the fuses and the highbeam indicator works again. And now the right side high/low beams work too.

When I try to hook up the left light it pops the fuses again. When I tried the left side light over on the right side it popped those fuses too. So something is up with the left light,

Thanks for the help!

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