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Aug 25, 2008
Des Moines, Iowa

I really wanted to go wheeln this weekend in Iowa but my toy is under the weather!

I overheated about a week ago, put in new Toyota t-stat but it still got hot. So I burped it and cut the 'dongle' on the t-stat and then it never came to temp. I noticed my overflow tank well, overflowing. After taking it to a local shop to get a pressure check, the problem was found-HG. The exhaust was pushing coolant out of the block into the radiator before the t-stat was open, hence the overflow problem.

I did a overhaul about a year and half ago, I'm a bit mad about the cheap gasket kit and not so strong HG. So now I have a HG coming from LCE that's 20 over for my overhaul. That might be why I had it go-not having a oversized HG?

Well, enough talk here's some pics...

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