Hdj100 2006

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Aug 5, 2013
Sunshine Coast,QLD
I normally hang out over at the 70 section, as a proud owner of a bj74 although my attention and recent decision to update my wife's DD, has taken me to seriously investigate a 06, hdj100, as the family vehicle.

My understanding from local (oz market) that the hdj100 is considered by many as one the best built landcruisers toyota has produced, as this reflected in the resale of these rigs as well, so I thought I would put it out there to those who know, the main use is for my wife is DD, main touring rig, towing camper trailer,and just to travel in class, ( Sahara model preferred)
These rigs are fetching between $30-$60k depending on condition in Oz , a lot of money for a 8 year old rig,

Anything I should look out for when eyeballing these rigs, majority of feedback I get from over here, " that's the one to get if you have the chance"
Thoughts anyone .???

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