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Jul 4, 2017
Charlotte NC
Well, the HDJ-80 is back on the road after a significant overhaul. Yes, I even had the bottom bearings done, even though Dean said they were in decent shape, but I wanted to do some preventive maintenance. A few mods were done in the process- resonator deleted, noticeable grunt, faint spooling of the turbo. I also bought a 180 AmH alternator, deep cycle batteries that need to be exchanged- Carolina Off-Road sent me 36's I need 24's (I sent them an e-mail, are they open?). Moderate lift with Dobinson springs and shocks- THANK YOU BLUDOZER, new OME steering stabilizer, red 'Yota coolant, etc...

Overall, it is a beast, and it moves out right after upshifting into second. I am putting the call out COVID-19 or nothing, that I need help swapping stuff from the gasser to this rig, roadstr6, are you up to loaning your space? Beers and pizza(?) are payment for all who help. Yes, it will be good beer too. Also, anyone skilled in creating a sleeping platform? I have no skills with woodworking and/or no space. Contact me via PM, and we can work out details and compensation. I am thinking of having drawers underneath too.

Finally, the quattro. I have set up with the seller and his mechanic preventative maintenance work order Including, but not limited to, timing belt, loosing up the differential knob, change all fluids, change the R12 to 13A, etc. Parts came in last week- now the owner has to transport the car over to them, and if all goes as planned be done more sooner than later, and I will work on the shipping. I have a quote and they will handle all the customs BS.

Hope all of you are staying safe. CHEERS!!

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