For Sale Hawaii: 1986 HJ60 Turbo

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You may want to upload some undercarriage pics.

To be clear this is one you bought from Australia and not yet in your possession? Or one you owned in Aus. and are bringing home with you?
I stupidly didn't take any undercarriage photos before dropping it at the ship yard. But I did get under there and look around real good a couple of times and couldn't find any rust.

I was over in Aus for a while and while there bought this with the intention of keeping it. So yeah, had it in my possession. I'm back home now and the cruiser is on its way over. I was told June 20th by the shipping company
Is this going to be in Oahu?
Ill keep my eye on this, headed that way in July.
I'll be able to take more in a few weeks once it arrives here. Didn't think I was going to be selling it so only took a few

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