IH Have a 3/4T Travelall - older body style, 1968 or 1969 - worth?


Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mar 29, 2003
Hi - so I have been sitting on this as a project I now doubt I’ll get to.

Is there a central site for Travelall - or are the the “red-headed stepkid” to Scouts?

The oddity was it’s either a 1968 or 1969, whichever was still a past gen body style & was a special order 3/4T setup not delivered to the customer until the newer body style had been rolled out.

What I have is a non-running (ran when parked ~4yrs ago) - but has imperfections on all the body panels. It’s not pristine, but not rotted either, no missing glass but some has the haze/cloudiness of ~50yrs of age.

I don’t have pics in hand, but is there any worth to this, or are these mostly undesirable bodystyles?

Any / all who know IH stuff, drop an opinion - I’ll try to add pics soon.

Big Ed

Mar 29, 2011
Fresno, CA
I have one, but they’re not too common. I go to an IH show in Calico every year, I’ve only seen 2-3 others there. All this same body style. That show is 90% Scout IIs. I went to the show in Ohio 7 years ago, it was more mixed. There are a number of them on BinderPlanet.com, scattered around the country though. That site, anything IH is welcome. 68 was the last year of the C series, D series started in 69. They still sell, I wouldn’t scrap it. I would be interested in seeing pictures of the non rotted body, none around the perimeter of the cargo area?

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