Has anyone seen this 80?

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Aug 24, 2018
Silver Spring, MD
I was browsing for LCs (no idea why) and came across this super rough one in the Chattanooga area. It's been listed on Cargurus a long time and was wondering if anyone had stopped by to check it out. I'm curious how it looks underneath.

Says it doesn't run, with no other explanation... if it could be had for about half that, maybe a decent parts truck. Part of me wants to call and see what they can tell me about it.
I called the seller today. He's going to send me pictures of the frame. From a brief conversation, it didn't sound like he was flexible on the price (I guess you never know). Since I'm unlikely to bite on this, I'll share that the VIN lookup showed that it was triple locked. Unfortunately, the seller knows that because he mentioned it and said someone had him check.
It's been sitting there for well over a year. He is firm on all prices and usually they are higher than high.
Well, since the only info listed is "doesn't run, dont know why" can't imagine why he hasn't sold it...

Shame. Probably something minor, but at that price he will keep it for a good bit longer.

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