has anyone put a 3B in a piggy?

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Mar 26, 2009
title says it all.
probably be a slug without a turbo.
ya kinda like that. sweet ride, in fact what an amazing adventure. i'm hoping to do something similar one day.
any trouble getting the 3B in the pig? what did you use for engine mounts?
i've got the drive line from a 60 already, where there any other parts you need from the 60, minus engine electrical?
thanks for the reply.
I used '60 mounts up front and cut down the tranny support for the rear. The '60 tranny support required using the '60 tranny housing which meant transferring everything to a '60 tranny housing (basically a complete tranny rebuild). On the FJ45LV I'm using mounts from a BJ40 which is much closer to the frame width than the '60 it also allows me to retain the '40 series tranny housing though I still rebuilt the tranny.

No troubles getting the 3B in. It's smaller than the 2F that was there.
did you run it without a turbo? i am wondering about naturally asperated performance.
A diesel without a turbo is only 1/2 an engine! That's my opinion. I ran the '60 without a turbo for the first 15 years or so and after that I saw the light!!

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