Has anyone installed seperates (components) ?

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Feb 25, 2007
Colorado m'fing Springs!
Im going to instal some pretty serious component speakers in my 94 cruiser. these things are awesome speakers with some girth to them.

Looked around but didnt get all the info. whats the size of oem speakers?
depth btween door?
best place to mount tweeter?

gracias a todos ( for you whities, thank ya'll) :):grinpimp:
I'm right behind you, so do a good job. I need some reference points.
Polk Audio DB Series will fit with minor effort.
The max depth for a replacement speaker in the same location mounted to the front of the door pannel is 1 7/8". I have 6.5" in the front and 5.25 in the rear. The rears are 2" deep and they just rub when the window in lowered all the way. Seems like tweeters could go just about anywhere as they mostly screw right to the door pannels. JMTC
I'm in the middle of doing this right now too. I plan on getting Focal 165v slims with a mounting depth of 2 3/8 for the front and I already have some JL Audio 5.25s for the back doors. The JLs have the tweeter in the middle of the mid so that's easy. For the front, I'm not sure where I want to put the tweeters. I don't really want to drill extra holes in the doors. I may just put them in the dash locations and try to angle them up somehow and hope for the best.

I also ordered the Long Duck Dong subwoofer and will hook that up. BTW It seems like he no longer owns the shop but the new owner, Pat, has continued to supply these.

Components and kicks

It's a bit more work, but the use of custom kick panel is a huge improvement over the factory placement. If you're creative, you can build them without playing with fiberglass etc. I built some for my old diesel benz that looked like oversized dead pedals. You need 1/8" hardboard, some grill material and either think carpet (relatively sound transparent) or grill cloth. I plan to transplant my 6.5" polk dBs in this spring. I'll try to post photos.


I've got a set of Dyn Audios in the front doors, very deep woofers that required a spacer and I put the tweeters in the stock seperate location under the dash... pretty 'meh' for the staging but I wanted the driest place I could find and it fit the bill.
I did 6 3/4" audiobahn separates in the front had to make a pod for the mid and placed the tweeter in the dash factory tweeter location.
Damn, theres no way these speakers are going to fit...theyre almost 4 inches deep. Only 2 inches available is ridiculous and just killed almost all my will to install these.:doh:

I could do kick panels but dont really care for them....ah, might do that. id like to do what mmw60 did with a slight spacer to add some depth but not quite that advanced.

thanks for the help guys
Don't forget that the single greatest improvement is in the signal, aka the amp. I think it looks silly to have aftermarket speakers/grills showing on the door panels of an 80. I would tie the stock woofers into the crossover system if I was you. I doubt the audible difference between stock and aftermarket woofers won't be noticeable to even the picky ear when your driving on the road. You lose the hearing of certain frequencies from road noise and even high end speakers are suseptiable because only a custom tuned crossover can correct for this. I think you'll find the sound quality of the stock woofers on a clean amp and crossover network will surprise you.
4" may be next to impossible to get in the stock woofer location, but primarily because of the lack of clearance between the door panel and dash-sides when the door is shut. I'm speaking from experience here, as my Infinity 6.5"s (w/ 3/4" spacers to clear the door's internals) grills contact the dash when the door's closed. But the grills that Infinity supplies do protrude, A LOT.

Try to resist the urge to go overboard on an audio install in a cruiser, as it is a minimally acceptable audiophile environment unless you sound-deaden it. (That statement, spoken to a car-audio enthusiast, always falls on deaf ears. :))

That being said, I had to really resist that urge (and resist it every-day) and would love to hear what 'keep's' 'supercarrera's' and 'mmw68's' systems sound like with DynAudio, Focals, Bostons (nice A/D/S equipment mmw68) and the like.

What speakers are you trying to fit anyway, just curious.
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Theyre Focal 165k2's.....i might have to save these for my next vehicle...something fast.
so the rear heater stuff is under the passenger side?
Where do amps usually go, under fdriver?

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