Hard top and Headache rack Needed.

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Apr 5, 2005
United States
Hard top Needed.

As the title states i need this for a 64 lwb. Just tried SOR and no dice, they are getting ready to go back overseas again next month for more stuff though.
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how much of the hardtop do you need? I think I have an extra rear panel... (some rust, but workable IIRC)
Additionally, there is a possibility that I may part out the 45 I have, if no one buys it whole.

Where are you located? I am in the PNW.

I am in NC.

I need everything for it. When i got my 45 it had nothing for a top, and still does not. For this summer i am really trying to get a headache rack so i can atleast run a bikini top.
Hello krzy,

I have 2 headache racks sitting in my LC collection. Unfortunately Im living now in Honduras, Central America. I will be shipping them with cruiser_guy to the US/Canada at the end of the summer when he plans to drive back (too big to ship) would you be interested on one?
If I have found nothing by then, then yes. Hopefully i can find something sooner though. I would like to run a bikini top soon. The sun is kind of rough on us self imposed bald guys.
Just puting this back on page one looking for just a top now with all hardware.
Going to put this back on top.

Still looking for all.
Still looking for the Hardtop and all hardware.

Almost at one year now.
Got my headache rack today from Profitts. Sweet thing.

Now trying to get ahold of Gozzard for a top.

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