H55f droping out of 5th gear

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Apr 8, 2013
I am having issues with my h55f behind a 3b diesel poping out of 5th gear.
Long stroy short i had this issue 3 years and i rebuild the transmission with new bearings and the problem went away until it reappear ed a few months back .
So i took the box out and replaced all the 5th gear compontes besides the shift firk and the problem is still there if not worse. Every time you let go of the accelerator it will pop out .

It also has new 5th detent spring and didnt make any difference. When i took the box apart i measured tthe lay shaft end float to .8mm which was too much so i thought tgisbwas the issue and i rectified it wby installing a thivker snap washer on the front bearing and removing the front bearing housing gasket and using rtv.

This brought the endfloat to 0.35mm which i thought was ok and the play was coming from the front bearing which is brand new and normal i assume.
If anyone has any insight please pet me know as this is become a realy issue i cant figure out

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