GX470 tire size opinion

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Jun 17, 2012
Hi, I just traded my 06 4runner for an 06 GX.

I had 18" BBS TRD/DW wheels and 275/65/18 tires on the 4R that I kept to put on the GX. The 4R had a 3/2 toytec lift. I plan to put the 2" toytec on the front of the GX and raise the back via sensor adjust. I will also be removing the running boards.

I'm going to go with the Duratrac's on the GX and was considering the 295/65/18. Do you think these will fit? I'm not sure of the offset of the BBS wheels, but I do know they were in between wheel spaces and stock 4R wheels.

diameter x section width (tread width)
295/65/18 - 33.1x11.8(9.5)
275/70/18 - 33.2x11.0(8.7)
275/65/18 - 32.1x11.0(9.0)

If you lift your GX 2", they should fit. I had those same wheels on my Tundra. If I remember correctly, the BBS-RW wheels are 18" x 9", 10mm offset with a backspace of 5.39".
They will fit if you don't wheel it. If you want full travel, a hammer is your friend. The shocks will be out of droop when you do the sensor lift.

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