GWNF - Offroading in VA Memorial Day Weekend

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Sep 1, 2009
Arlington VA
I'm heading to GWNF (Dry Pond / Hone Quarry area) with a few buddies to go camping. I was wondering if anyone else was planning on being up there to drive the offroad trails.

Shoot me an email if you're going....

Why not come up to Gore for the FJ Bruisers Mudfling?

A couple of my buddies and I were thinking about a little off roading trip over the weekend in GW National Forest. Where exactly are you all going to be hanging out? We are still deciding whether to camp or not.
We are gonig to camp out at one of the peaks near Hone Quarry. We are going to take B. Branch Road until you hit the WV border, at that point; hang a right on FR 85. Its nothing crazy but there are a couple of good places to camp along the ridge.
What a blue bird day!

We called off camping for the evening due to prospect of Thunder Storms, but the trails were SICK! Completely open, everyone must have thought the rain was coming. And if amazing trails weren't enough, the Snap-On rep was handing out free 4x4 survival packs.

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